Argentina boasts a rich cultural legacy in relation to wine that defines today its identity as a wine producer, consumer and exporter. More than 400 years of history have built a tradition that fuses together the New and the Old wine worlds.

Our wines are produced with grapes grown mainly in our vineyard, Finca La Chamiza, located in Tupungato, Uco Valley. Also, from grapes coming form the most traditional and oldest vineyards in Mendoza, Luján de Cuyo.


Uco Valley

1142 m.a.s.l.

150 hectares

15 years old


Located at 100 km of Mendoza, the Uco Valley is widely considered one of the top wine regions in Mendoza and all of Argentina.

A combination of altitude, continental climate, pure water from the Andes mountains, good sun exposure, low soil´s fertility and great thermal amplitude between day and night, are the conditions that define the quality of the grapes.

Winemakers Team

Magdalena Viani


Over the years, our winemakers team has successfully transmitted dedication, commitment and passion through our wines.

Magdalena Viani, winemaker of La Chamiza wines, joined the company in 2014.
Her dedication and effort over the harvests, lead her to be the La Chamiza's winemakers in 2016.